Planning Your Rockery

Planning your homes rockery has many steps. Get the best tips from retaining wall contractors seattle below.

Now that you’ve begun making decisions about what types of stone and plants you’d like to include and the area in which you’d like to place your rockery, it’s time to begin creating sketches of your design. During this stage, take measurements of the area, begin creating plans to create any grading and retaining walls, and begin gathering information on the types of materials and tools that you will need to purchase to complete the project.

Consulting a designer at this stage is strongly recommended. They will be able to provide advice and guidance on placement of the rockery, how to properly create any grading or retaining walls, as well as helping you to achieve maximum aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, there may be regulations and permits required before construction begins that you may be unaware of, but a seasoned landscaper will know about. For instance, if a rockery or retaining wall is over 4 feet in height, a civil engineer must come out to lay the plans and approve the construction. Also, there are strict regulations concerning environmentally critical area (ECA) or near an ECA, or areas that could damage or disturb adjoining properties and structures. best trampoline reviews

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Knowing When to Call a Professional:

For small rockery formations, it’s easy enough to do on your own. However, for larger rockeries that require more detailed forming and structural soundness, it’s important that you not overstretch your bounds. In many cases, where the rockery is large or designed in a very specific way, professionals know how to approach and go about the project in the right way, ensuring the right types of support and design necessary to result in a long-lasting, quality project.

Knowing the gist of building a rockery is helpful, but without professional expertise, it can be a risky business. Simply give us a call, here at B&D Rockeries, and we’ll be able to advise you regarding the project that you’re looking to complete. We’d love to help you however we can.

Enjoying Your New Rockery:

Now you can finally start getting your hands dirty! Depending upon the size of your rockery and the quantity of help you’ve been able to obtain from family members, the full construction may be anywhere between a few hours to a few days.

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to begin laying rock at the lowest point of your rockery first, and gradually moving up the grade. If you intend to have irregularly shaped patterns or outlining with larger stones, place these first. Once you are satisfied with the positioning, you can begin filling in the areas between the rocks with planting compost.

As you layer, don’t forget to leave adequate space for any flowers or plants. Also, take many breaks as you work to view your rockery from various viewpoints you want to be sure that it’s turning out like you’d hoped!

A rockery is a beautiful addition to a Seattle lawn. Our temperate area allows for beautiful gardens, beautiful lawns, and a wide variety of rockery styles. Once you’ve finished your work, sit back on your patio and relax, enjoying the sunshine, the rockery, and the beautiful fruits of your labors!